Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum rental term & fee is One Day  (24 hours period)
  2. In addition to the rent charges, the customer is required to have a cash deposit and an equivalent as a guarantee of proper usage of the vehicle for the entire duration of the contract, sum which will be reimbursed if no damage is notified on its delivery
  3. Minimum for Security Deposits are RM200. Amount are to be decided on negotiation terms.
  4. If fuel metre is lower than upon return, extra charges apply. RM10 per bar 
  5. Extending the period of term must be notified as soon as possible
  6. All cars are prohibited from entering areas OUTSIDE of Malaysia
  7. Max KMs is 300KMs/daily for daily rental. If exceeds, extra charges apply. RM2 per 1KM. max to charge to 1 day daily rates if the exceed charge was exceeded from daily rental rates.
  8. Late Return fees apply. RM5 per 1/2 hours 
  9. Borrowers are to be responsible to anything happen to vehicle during the term period
  10. Customers must notify before, if must replace parts or need to service the vehicle during rental period. No notification and agreement between two party will results in no claim back.
  11. All parking fees or traffic fines incurred during the term period will be the responsibility of the customer. Additional RM50 will be charge to the customer for every summons paid by company
  12. We reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement, if the customer fails to make full payment at the time specified